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SingStat Time Series (STS) Online System is the Singapore Department of Statistics' web-based time series retrieval system. STS presently includes more than 7000 statistical time series on Singapore society and economy from several domains, including national accounts, balance of payments, investments, finance, labour, prices, business expectations, trade, manufacturing, tourism, demography, health and education.

Besides the usual monthly, quarterly and annual data, STS includes also seasonally adjusted data series for key economic indicators providing for a better analysis and understanding of current economic trends.

STS is always current and up-to-date. With an easy to use search engine and personalised portals accessible via the internet, STS makes it a breeze for both local and overseas subscribers to search, select and retrieve important, timely and relevant time series data. Subscribe to STS now to ensure fast and easy access to historical and current time series data on Singapore society and economy.

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Retail sales down 9.5% in Feb 2014


Import Price Index and Singapore Manufactured Products Price Index rose 0.1% and 0.9% respectively in Feb 2014. Export Price Index fell 0.1% while Domestic Supply Price Index remained unchanged.


Index of industrial production up 12.8% in Feb 2014


CPI up 0.4% in Feb 2014


Total trade up 9.0% in Feb 2014


Business receipts of the services industries, excluding wholesale & retail trade and accommodation & food services, rose 1.3% in 4Q2013 over the previous quarter (non-seasonally adjusted).


Domestic wholesale trade (seasonally adjusted) contracted by 2.7% in 4Q2013 over 3Q2013. Excluding petroleum, domestic wholesale trade decreased 1.1%.


The majority of firms in the services sector (a weighted 71%) expect the business situation to remain unchanged for the period of Jan 2014 - Jun 2014 compared with Jul 2013 - Dec 2013.


Business sentiments in manufacturing sector are positive for first half of 2014. Overall, a net weighted balance of 4% of manufacturers expects a more favourable business situation for the period.


Consumer Price Index (CPI) for Households In Different Income Groups for 2nd half of 2013 is released


An information paper on “Re-basing of the Wholesale Trade Index (2012 = 100)” is released by the Singapore Department of Statistics.


An information paper is released on “Re-basing of the Retail Sales and Food & Beverage Services Indices (2010 = 100)”.


Trade data based on Standard International Trade Classification (SITC) 4 are available from 2003 onwards.


The Unit Business Cost Index for the manufacturing sector has been rebased to reference year 2005 using Singapore’s 2005 benchmark input-output tables to better reflect changing cost structures.


“Re-basing and Revision of the Quarterly Business Receipts Index (2008=100)”

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